Coaching with Amy

who does amy coach?

  • Smart creative types who  struggle with procrastination, organization, time-management and follow-through;
  • "Serial" entrepreneurs;
  • Adults & College Students w/ADD
  • People who feel STUCK in one (or more) areas in their lives
  • Folks who feel somehow disconnected from themselves and want to re-gain grounding and clarity;
  • People at major transition points in their lives; and,
  • Outwardly successful but unfulfilled professionals

I will partner with you in a safe and trusting space to help you create a rich, balanced and fulfilling life.

Together we will work to clarify your vision and values and create actions to implement your goals.

As your coach, I provide accountability and unconditional support to help you remain focused on achieving your desires.

I will encourage you to look within for clarity, passion and knowledge.

I will also challenge you when it appears needed and request that you take big actions to further your agenda.

At all times, I will be direct and honest with you and not allow you to 'get away' with anything.

I will use my skills, gifts, training, passion and humor to serve you.

As your coach, I am fully committed to helping you reach your full potential and to truly BE who you ARE.